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"It's the Artists Who Do the Dreaming for Society."  Meret Oppenheim

I'm a Creative Soul on a Spiritual and Artistic Path that I Call Prosper's Journey.   I'm a Person Who is Creative and

I Look for Outlets of Expression.  My Mind is Always Percolating with Cool Ideas in Visual Arts Such as Digital and Analog, Jewelry, Fashion, Interior, Graphic and Digital Designs along with Live Events. 


I'm a Multidisciplinary Artist; Meaning, I Work in Several Different Mediums.  Digital, Augmented Reality, NFTs, Analog, Acrylics, Charcoal, Photography; Videography, Poetry, Metals, Textiles. Precious and Semi-Precious Stones But Not Limited To.  My Visual Presentations are an Exploration of Self Awareness, Life Experiences and Observations of the Sociology of People and Cultures.


I Believe My Artistic Talents and Creativity Are God Bless.

I Communicate Through My Gifts, Talents and Visions via My Artistry in Various Genres.  I List a Few of Them on This Page.  Keep Scrolling!


Prosper Parabu
Career Experience, Credits & God Given Gifts, Talents, Creativity & Vision

  • Visual Artist  (Multidisciplinary)  Analog, Digital, Augmented Reality (AR), AI Generative & LLM  Prompt Engineering, 3D & Prototyping

  • Visual Designer - Graphic, UX/UI Website  & App Designer

  • Concert Productions & Promotions

  • Interior, Product and Set Design

  • TV Commercial Production

  • Live Events Productions

  • Project Management

  • Urban Radio Promotions

  • Marketing

  • Urban Publicity

  • Artist Talent Booking

  • Photography

  • Filming & Editing

  • Freelance  Journalism

  • Interior Design & Staging

  • Jewelry Design

  • Product and Package Design

  • Fashion Retail Planning

  • Fashion Fit Production

  • Fashion & Product Styling

FYI, This is not a Complete List.

Prosper Parabu

Education & Awards

  • Internet Marketing, BS - 2012

  • Digital Designs & Arts, Certification - 2014

  • Media Design, MFA - 2016

  • Enterprise Project Mgmt., MS, (pending)

  • National Veterans Creative Arts Competition; NYC Metro Winner -  Fine Arts and Creative Writing Categories - Fri., September 9, 2022 

        VA Manhattan Campus Info

  • Artivive (AR) Augmented Reality App -Mentorship Program; Vienna, Austria; 2022 - 2023

  • Artivive Breakthrough Exhibition - Fri., April 14, 2023  Artivive Gallery Exhibition Info

Digital Streaming Biz

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