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Adult - Majesty Crown Kits - Our Majesty Rocks!
  • Adult - Majesty Crown Kits - Our Majesty Rocks!

    "Your Crown Has Already Been Bought and Paid For.  All You Must Do Is Put It On".


    Is the quote on Our Majesty Rocks Fine Pop Art Prints.  This quote has been cited by two different authors. One being, Maya Angelou and the other James Baldwin.


    "ALL" Majesty Crown Kits are Personalized with Varing Styles Made to Order.


    Affirmation Symbolism

    Our Majesty Rocks Crown Majesty Kits and Fine Pop Art Prints  are Beautiful Visual and Physical Affirmations, Mantras  to See Yourself as Powerful and Empowered. 


    It's about Living Your Best Life and Blessing Others as well to Live their Best Life. It's about being Grateful For Your Blessings; Blessing Yourself Too and then Blessings Others.


    What's in Majesty Crown Kits?

    All Majesty Crown Kits are made to order. Not one kit is the same because not one person is the same.  We personalize each kit to each individual, so it will vary what will come in your kit. 


    Majesty Crown Kit Base:

    1. Beautiful Crown or Tiara
    2. Beautiful Crown Case
    3. Crown Fine Pop Art Print- Personalized with Your Name - Vertical Orientation  -  Matte Finish  -  Mounted Board  -  Size: 24"x36" inches


    Ordering Process Next Step

    We will provide a Questionaire or Book a Consultation to get the specifics for your kit.


    Varying Majesty Crown Kits May Include:

    • Necklaces - Chokers
    • Earrings
    • Shoes - Slippers
    • Bags - Clutches
    • Timepieces
    • Bracelets
    • Bodychains
    • Robes (extra pricing)
    • Gowns (extra pricing)


    Purchase Process:

    When placing your order, please provide the first name to be placed on your Our Majesty Rocks! Custom Royalty Crown Fine Pop Art Print.


    If this purchas is for a "Special Occassion", we recommend you order at least 1 month to 2 weeks in advance.  


    Two Part Shipping Process:

    Your Majesty Crown Kit and Fine Art Print will shipped seperately.  Your personalized fine art print will ship directly from the printer.  And your crown kit will ship directly from the creative glam studio.


      1. All Prints Shown Online are in Low Resolution to Protect Copyright. 
      2. All Physical Prints are Giclee Printed High Resolution aka Gallery Quality.
      3. Our Majesty Rocks Crown Majesty Fine Art Prints and Designs are U.S. Copyrighted.
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