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The url domain name and phrase is when preparation meets opportunity. I first heard "I Stay Ready" from Issa Rae while she was promoting her last season of her HBO show Insecure.  While she was doing her press junkets promotions; someone ask her a question that I don't remember. But what I do remember is Issa's response was "I Stay Ready".  Because I'm fascinated by words and phrases, I immediately looked to see if the domain name was available. And it was, hooray!

Here again is another powerful, creative and successful Black Woman who uses the phrase again, "I Stay Ready" while she's talking about her success journey. Pinky Cole the founder of Slutty Vegan  I saw her on TedTalk. She too said, I stay ready so she don't have to get ready.

Both Pinky Cole and Issa Rae stories are so inspirational. Please check out the TedX Morehouse College (HBCU) edition, published on Feb. 2, 2022.

In the meantime, if you like Domain Name, it's for sale on GoDaddy Auction if you're interested in buying it.

Afternic Buy Now:

The global sneaker market is only going to get bigger: It’s predicted to reach $120 billion by 2026.  The global sneaker market was valued at approximately $79 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach $120 billion by 2026. With such huge growth, it is unsurprising that sneakers are considered big business.


Fast Company Article June 18, 2021

How sneakers became a $79 billion business—and an undisputed cultural symbol for our times.

Statista March 2, 2021

Outside the Box: The Booming Secondary Sneaker Market


Over the past few years, the secondary sneaker market has grown into a beast of its own, with StockX, a leading resale platform rumored to go public this year, projecting the secondary market to grow to 15-25 percent of the $100 billion sneaker market by 2025. Capitalizing on the relatively young practice of selling limited edition sneakers in online raffles, professional resellers like Joe Hebert try to cheat the system, using bots to buy up sought-after sneakers (think Air Jordans), only to sell them at a premium on platforms such as StockX.


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